That perfect smile (Part 2)

23. května 2012 v 17:33 | TheNomik |  English stories
She was quiet, she didn't know what to say. I hated this situation, when she couldn't find any words. It was terrible waiting.
She looked beautiful as usually but now, in that light, she was damn beautiful. Like an angel, like a picture what was painted by the best painter around the world. When I was older and older, it was harder and harder to leave.
We finally started to watch the movie. She put her head on my shoulder. In the middle of the movie we started to kiss. I felt her breath and her heartbeat. I took her to the bedroom and we made love. Right after it we both fell asleep. She fell asleep on my chest. I felt like the luckiest man.
In early morning I had to go on the tour. Anna was still sleeping so I packed the last things and then I was looking at her like she was sleeping. She had her smile upon her face.
I looked on my phone, "Damn it!" I said. I was late again. It was nearly 7:00 AM. I pick my bag and I left the house. In front of my house was a car waiting for me.
"Hello," I said and the driver started the car. Fernando was sitting on the back seats. "You've been late again," he said with a smile. I smiled too.
"The song what you sent me two days ago is really good!" he said later.
"Thank you, it isn't done yet. I'm working on the song."
When we finally got to the airport I remembered I forgot leave a message for Anna. So I wrote a text message on her phone. Baby, I had to leave sooner. Let me know when you'll wake up. We will see soon! Love you, Enrique.
Gilmar, Laura, Joe, Michael and others were at my plane already. I said hello to all of them. We were talking first and then we started to play some game with cards. I won 4 times and lost only once. It isn't bad result.
We landed on the LAX airport in Los Angeles and I just got message from Anna, she finally read my message.
I met my fans when I was leaving the airport. They all cried out: Enrique! Enrique! I love my fans. I gave them some signatures and took some pictures with them. They were happy for it and I was with them.
"We are going on your concert tomorrow!" one of my fans said. She wore my Euphoria T-shirt.
"Thank you for the support, girls! I hope I will can see you there. Do you have VIP package?" I asked. Fernando seemed like he was nervous. He was right because we had more things to do, for example two interviews and one TV show interview.
"We do!" the fans said. I had to say goodbye and go.
I took the car and we left the airport. I was a little tired so I put my head on a window and I tried to fall asleep. I wasn't lucky. Something woke me up. I felt like the car is going too fast and we are spinning out...


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